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Speed Through any Painting Task with A Quick and Easy to use Professional Paint Sprayer

Paint Zoom™Most, if not all, professional painters and avid do-it-yourself practitioners rightly assert that spray painting provides for the best results in terms of coverage and cost, all with the least amount of time, energy and money. In short, spray painting is the best alternative to traditional painting methods using brushes and rollers and for this reason, we highly recommend Paint Zoom™.

Why do we recommend this product when there are many other similar items in the market? What makes this particular paint sprayer different from all others of its kind? Let’s then take a look at its most notable features and their corresponding benefits.

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Simple One-Touch Operation

Painting in general and spray painting in particular should be a relatively easy job to do. If you have seen The Karate Kid, the process is simple – dip the brush in the paint, touch the brush to the surface to be painted on, and then do up-down motions. This is also true for conventional spray painting – fill the can with paint, aim the nozzle at the surface, and then press the trigger to release the paint. It’s easy, isn’t it? Well, not as easy as you will imagine once you are doing these steps. So many things can go wrong – the paint can splatter to the ground, the nozzle can malfunction, and the surface cannot be painted as well as can be expected, among others. Fortunately, Paint Zoom™ eliminates these accidents.

Paint Zoom™This top-of-the-line paint sprayer provides for a simple one-touch operation, thus, cutting on number of the possible accidents that can happen while painting. Just pull on the trigger and let it do virtually all the work for you including painting, staining and varnishing various kinds of surfaces. Your job is to point and shoot the nozzle in the right direction. But that’s not all either. Paint Zoom™ also has adjustable patterns for both flow and spray. This way, you can control how much or how little paint comes from the nozzle with factors like the kind of surface and material affecting your decision. With a traditional paint sprayer, you have little to no control over the flow and spray patterns, which lead to more misses than hits while painting on any type of surface.

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With such a simple one-touch operation, you can easily zoom through any painting job with Paint Zoom™. You can actually cut the time spent on painting job by as much as 50%. This is aside from the fact that you can also save as much as 50% on the painting materials, thanks to the fact that every last ounce of paint, stain or varnish in the can will be used. This cannot be said for any conventional paint sprayer either.

Powerful Motor

Paint Zoom™How can the Paint Zoom™ provide for such timesaving and cost-saving benefits? The answers lie in its powerful motor – a commercial-grade, industrial-strength 650-watt motor, to be exact. It is obviously built to be durable, powerful and, as such, beautiful in its own way. Because of such a powerful motor, its advanced spray technology is the best in the industry. With just one trigger, Paint Zoom™ delivers superior coverage on any surface with just one coating. This is where the cost-saving aspect of this product comes in again.

Despite its powerful motor, it is not heavy either. In fact, you will find the sprayer to be lightweight at less than 4 pounds and easy to use with a shoulder strap. You need not even worry about lugging around long, unwieldy and heavy hoses.

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Suitable for All Surfaces

The Paint Zoom™ sprayer can also be used on all surfaces both indoors and outdoors. When we say all surfaces, we mean all surfaces that can accept paint, stains and varnish including materials like rough brick, stucco, wood, and concrete. Yes, of course, then Paint Zoom™ can be used on walls but it does not stop there, far from it. You can paint over surfaces that any other sprayer will have difficulty in covering – louvered doors, fences, crown molding and around corners, among others. How is this possible? Thank the 3-way direct dial design on the spray head.

The Paint Zoom™ sprayer is clearly the best paint sprayer in the market today in terms of benefits provided!

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Paint Zoom™

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